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Misal Pav

Maharashtrian curry mixed with a unique blend of pulses, spices, served with 2 pavs

Personalization suggestion:

Spicy to begin with - extra spicy available

Avsar Misal Pav

Misal pav (Marathi: मिसळपाव) is a popular dish from Maharashtra, India. It is a scrumptious cocktail of savouries and sprouts!

Wholesome and tasty sprouts are cooked with tangy tomatoes and pungent onions, not to forget the spice powders and the special coconut-onion based misal masala!

All of this is further enhanced with chivda or farsan mix, and other appropriate ingredients to make a sumptuous accompaniment for laadi pav.

The best part about Misal is that it suits breakfast, dinner and any other time you wish to have it.

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