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Weekend Special - Mohanthaal, Bharela Bhinda, Bateta Wada & more

This Saturday and Sunday June 13 and 14, Avsar is cooking up mouth watering Gujarati Thali complete with our signature Mohanthaal and Baeteta Wada along with Bharela Bhindia. Enjoy with your loved ones.Same great taste - now to dine at home. Highlights of the menu this weekend:

  • Mohanthaal

  • Bateta Wada

  • Bharela Bhinda (Stuffed Okra)

  • Mag Chana Vaal (Mixed Pulses)

  • Rotli or Puri

  • Kadhi or Daal

  • Rice

  • Pickle

  • Masala Chhaas.

You can also order Mohanthaal separately.

➡️ Available only Sat. June 13 and June 14.

➡️ Available for Family Combo of two or four.

➡️ Available only from Avsar Online -


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