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Weekend Special Menu - May 22,23 24

Featuring Aam Ras

Long Weekend Hours:

Sat 12 - 3 & 4:30 - 9

Sun 12 - 6

Mon 12 - 4

Gujarati Thali
Photo shown for illustration only. Does not represent menu.

This weekend enjoy delicious Gujarati Menu. You can order Thali or order subji in containers.

Menu features:

  • Subji (Curries): Green Gujarat, Bateta Nu Shaak, Vaal Ni Daal

  • Farsan (Savoury): Dhokla (Idada)

  • Mithai (Sweet Dish): Aam Ras

  • Poori or Rotli,

  • Daal or Kadhi

  • Rice

  • Masala Chhaas

  • Pickle


This weekend's Gujarati Thali includes:

  • Two or Three Subji (your choice)

  • Farsan (see above)

  • Mithai (see above)

  • Rice

  • Kadhi or Daal

  • Rotli or Poori

  • Pickle

  • Chhaas

You may also order any Subji individually and add your choice of Rotli or Rotla


Avsar's Fresh Khaman Dhokla

Enjoy our Khaman Dhokla - freshly made every few hours on Saturday and Sunday. On Weekdays, we only make fresh on pre-order (we need 1 hour notice).

Perfect Gujarati snack served with fried green chillies and chutney.


Now, you can order delivery across GTA using our partnership with Pumpkin Kart. Whether it is Markham or Richmond Hill, Milton or Burlington or Downtown Toronto. You can get your favourite Gujarati or Mumbai Street food from Avsar delivered to your doorstep.

Choose from any of these delivery partners and get Avsarfood right at your doorsteps.


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