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Weekend Special Menu - Mar 5 & 6

Dine-in is now Open

Come, relive the freshness and warmth of fresh food and pleasure of table service, now that the indoor dining has resumed.

Avsar Deluxe Thali Menu this weekend:

  • Subji (Curries): Undhiyu, Picnic Aloo, Mixed Pulses

  • Farsan (Savoury): Veg Cutlet, White Dhokla

  • Mithai (Sweet Dish): Jamun Chaman

  • Poori or Rotli

  • Daal or Kadhi

  • Steamed Rice

  • Masala Chhaas

  • Pickle

Note: For Takeout, Thali will contain 2 or 3 subji as per your choice.

Avsar is open all 7 days of the week
Avsar is now open all 7 days


Skip the Thali - Order Container

Perfect for Family lunch or dinner plans

Enjoy quality time with family, catch a movie or a board game - Leave the cooking to us. Avsar has delicious, freshly prepared Subji's every day, readily packed in convenient & microwave friendly take-home containers. Order yours today.



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