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Weekend Special - Daal Dhokli, Thepla, Sabudana Wada & more

This Saturday and Sunday June 6 and 7, Avsar is cooking up Daal Dhokli paired with Masala Thepla - order in your favourite Gujarati Thali to enjoy with family at home.

Same great taste - now to dine at home. Highlights of the menu this weekend:

  • Kheer

  • Sabudana Wada

  • Kobi Vatana (Cabbage Peas)

  • Bateta Rasawalu Shaak (Aloo Curry)

  • Masala Thepla (Puri not available this weekend) OR Rotli

  • Kadhi (Daal not available this weekend)

  • Rice

  • Pickle

  • Masala Chhaas.

You can also order Thepla or Sabudana Wada separately.

➡️ Available only Sat. June 6 and June 7.

➡️ Available for Family Combo of two or four.

➡️ Available only from Avsar Online - https://order.avsarfood.com

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