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Weekend Menu - Oct 9 and 10

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

For this long weekend, Avsar features our popular menu of Puran poli & Khandvi paired with Sabudana Wada with fresh vegetarian subjis, and choice of phulka rotli or poori - all in our luxurious fine dining setting. (see full menu below)

Puran poli stack


Faraali Thali during Navratri


Avsar's New Location

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Avsar "dine-in" Weekend Deluxe Thali menu this weekend:

  • Subji (Curries): Dahi Bhinda, Rajwadi Alu, Mixed Kathol

  • Farsan (Savoury): Khandvi, Sabudana Wada

  • Mithai (Sweet Dish): Puranpoli

  • Poori or Rotli,

  • Daal or Kadhi,

  • Rice

  • Masala Chhaas

  • Pickle

Note: For dine-in, we offer only the Avsar Weekend Deluxe Thali on weekends. It includes all of the items mentioned above in a one-time serving. Extras may be ordered.

For takeout/pickup, you can choose from 2 or 3 subji Thalis, and it includes only 1 item from Farsan. Unless specified, the Thali items will be packed as per chef's choice.


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