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Labour Day Monday Kathiyawadi thali

On Labour Day Monday, Avsar features Kathiyawadi Gujarati Thali, featuring Khichdi, Kadhi, Bajra Rotla, Methi Na Gota, with fresh vegetarian subjis, and choice of phulka rotli or Bajra Rotla (Scroll down to see full menu)
Avsar's Kathiyawadi Weekend Thali Mississauga
Avsar Kathiyawadi Gujarati Thali on Weekends

Avsar Kathiyawadi Thali Menu on Labour Day *

  • Subji (Curries): Ringna Olo, Sev Tameta, Mixed Pulses

  • Farsan (Savoury): Methi Na Gota

  • Mithai (Sweet Dish): Sewaiya Kheer

  • Bajra Na Rotla or Rotli

  • Daal or Kadhi

  • Khichdi

  • Masala Chhaas

  • Raita Marcha


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* Photos shown here of various menu items are for illustration purposes only. Actual presentation may vary subject to various factors.

* Thali menu is subject to change without prior notice. While we aim to present the menu, there are times when we are unable to do so due to factors outside our control. In such cases, possible substitutions will be made.


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