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Kathiyawadi Menu - Nov 21 and 22

This weekend, enjoy delicious Kathiyawadi Menu. We have convenient Family Packs available.

Menu features: Ringna No Olo, Lasaniya Bateta. Mix Kathol, Bajra Rotla/Rotli, Kheer,, Khichdi Kadhi, Masala Chhaas, Raita Marcha.


Take advantage of ordering our Gujarati Menu in family containers instead of Thalis.

  • These Family Meals are available for Gujarati food and Street Food both.

  • You may order these Meals for 2 or 4 people.

  • You can customize Gujarati Meal - select what you want, and how much you want. You can also order our Special or Regular Thali's as always.

  • For meals where you want to eat something chatpata, try our Family Street Food Meal, allowing you to select from various favourites.

Only available from https://order.avsarfood.com

Avsar Mississauga Family Meal Takeout Packages
Avsar Mississauga Family Meal Takeout Packages

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