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Weekend Menu - July 9 & 10

This weekend - enjoy delicious Puranpoli paired with Khandvi and Veg Rolls along with other delicious dishes in our Weekend Deluxe Thali.

Weekend Hours:*
Saturday 11:30 am to 11 pm
Sunday 11:30 am to 10 pm
Gujarati Thali with Puranpoli and Khandvi | GTA | Mississauga | Avsar

Avsar Weekend Thali (Dine-In) this weekend:

  • Subji (Curries): Kashmiri Bhinda, Aloo Mutter, Vaal Chana

  • Farsan (Savoury): Veg Rolls, Khandvi

  • Mithai (Sweet Dish): Puranpoli

  • Poori or Rotli

  • Daal or Kadhi

  • Steamed Rice

  • Masala Chhaas

  • Pickle

Note: For take-out, a choice of 2 or 3 subji thali is available - which carries one item from Farsan as per chef's choice.


Cool Down With Our New Rabdi Kulfi Falooda

Rabdi Kulfi Falooda, Mississauga | Avsar


Planning to host an Event

Avsar offers various packages for small and large events - be it Gujarati style full meal plans or street food for casual gatherings.

Catering Details

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