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Diwali Days at Avsar

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Diwali in Toronto at Avsar

Diwali Special Thali on Weekdays

During the weekdays during Diwali - head over to Avsar and enjoy our Premium Thali with special delicious items or a-la-carte Street food options.

New Year Special Thali menu Wednesday Oct 26 and Thursday Oct 27

  • Puranpoli, Khandvi, Veg Rolls,

  • Kashmiri Bhinda, Rassa Bateta, Mix Kathol

  • Choice of Rotli or Poori, Daal or Kadhi

  • Rice, Papad, Pickle, Chhaas.

Check out our Weekend Menu for Oct 29 and 30


Mithai & Diwali Nashta Shop

Just like every year, we have variety of desi mithai, all made with purest of ingredients to make this Diwali special then ever before.

Check out the selection of Mithai


If you'd rather have the party at home, order in advance from our Diwali Menu of the Day. We will pack your favourites, so you can focus on entertaining. Order in advance to avoid disappointment. Call (905) 602-9594

Exquisite Ambience

Avsar's new location features luxurious ambiance with elegant finishes to make your dining experience extra special. We are situated right in the heart of Mississauga with ample parking and easy access from all major highways.

New location details


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