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Dine-In Reopens at Avsar

We missed serving you - and you missed dining with us! Well, not anymore.

Presenting the Outdoor Dining at Avsar.


Comfortable tent setup to keep you protected from Sun or Rain. Distanced tables to ensure safety of all. Disposable plates and cutlery to prevent contamination. Bio-degradable disposable - environmentally friendly Casual Ambience for you to enjoy with your loved ones.



In order to minimize crowding and lining up, we will be taking reservations. This is most convenient sand safe for all of us. You will receive a text message once we enter your reservation in our system. We request you to kindly arrive 5 mins before the said time and check-in. While we intend and plan to have your table available, please note that you may still need to wait to be seated. Reservations can be made over phone by calling (905) 602-9594.


As required by Public Health authorities, we are required to collect names and contact information of at least one person from the dining-in party. If you do not wish to share this information, unfortunately we cannot serve you.


While we have fans placed, please note that the tent area does not have any air conditioning.

DRINKING WATER Due to safety precautions, we will not be able to serve water at the tables. We shall provide one complimentary water bottle. Additional bottles may be purchased. Outside water bottles or food are not allowed to be consumed on our premises.

TAKING HOME LEFT OVER FOOD To observe safety, we will use disposable plates and bowls. However to be conscious of our environment we will use bio-degradable or reusable containers. As these are significantly higher in cost, we are unable to offer extra plates or bowls.

Containers can be purchased for any left over food that you wish to take home.


Lastly, we are glad to have an opportunity to re-open with restrictions. We appreciate your support and business during these times. As owners and staff of Avsar, we are trying our best to serve you quality dishes as always - however, these are new ways of doing so. We request you to cooperate with us as we move into this new phase.


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