Gujarati Tiffin Service - Pickup only

Pure Veg

We are 100% pure vegetarian restaurant.

All our recipes use ingredients that are absolutely free of any animal products or by-products.


 We recognize the strong desire in our customers to enjoy a traditional Gujarati meals comprising of "Rotli Daal Bhaat Shaak". Our tiffins feature are truly Gujarati.


Quality is a result of passion, hard-work & strong desire to touch your heart through our food. When we blend these with choicest ingredients - you have great tasting quality Gujarati food.


Our delicious food arrives in microwaveable containers that are sturdy and leak-proof. Leftovers can be frozen in the same. You can even reuse these - so feel good while you eat great!

Avsar offers pure veg. Gujarati Tiffin with same great quality and taste you've come to expect from GTA's most renowned Gujarati Thali restaurant.


Each Gujarati Tiffin will contain:

  1. Two Subjis - 8 oz

  2. Daal or Kadhi - 12 oz

  3. Basmati Rice - 12 oz

  4. Four Fulka Rotlis

  • Sweet or Farsan or Chaat once a week

We do not currently offer Delivery. This is a pickup service only.

Tiffin will be available Tuesday to Friday & Sunday.

You need to pickup from Avsar anytime between noon to 12 to 2 pm or 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

  • Monthly Plan: $200 per month (20 tiffins)

  • Weekly Plan: $60 per week  (5 tiffins)

All monthly meals must be redeemed within 30 day period, weekly plan must be redeemed in 7 days. 

Max 2 tiffins may be picked up at one time. Menu for tiffins is fixed and cannot be substituted. Unused tiffins will not be carried forward.

Call (905) 602-9594 to get started